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Society has lost sight of the important things in life. People forget about how quickly they can be influenced through the works of media, peers, etc. Lets bring back the special moments that change our lives. Inspire others. Don't stop. Be brave and show everyone out there... How big your BRAVE is!

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WE are on a mission!

Why Should you Help?

WE need you!


Think of your loved ones that you have lost, think of those young children who haven't been given a chance. Let's give them something that is worth fighting for. We are a family... Everybody counts!

Locally, nationally and internationally, Show Us Your Brave is a vocal advocate for the young children fighting cancer. We motivate schools, organizations, and peers to come together to build a message that will forever leave an everlasting impact on those fighting for their lives each and every day. We give them the motivation to "Be Brave" and we show them that it is possible. 

Send us a unique video of a charity event where 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The other 25% will be used for future charitable events. We will highlight your event on our YouTube channel. If you reach 50,000 views we will reward you with 

‚Äč"Be Brave"memorabilia. 

Souderton students bravely show school pride

All school clubs and sports filled the grey hallways of Souderton High School with color. Not only that, but tremendous school spirit. Together they embodied the message to "Be Brave" through a single one-shot video. With lip syncers walking backwards, students took steps forward by inspiring their community.

see how souderton high school inspired others

Meet Our Team

Bianca Picard

Established ShowUsYourBrave

Get your school together and find a creative and spirited way to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Every day there are kids fighting for their lives and no one around to motivate them. Let's take a stand and show them they're not alone. Come together to show your spirit, positivity, happiness, and love for one another. It can make all of the difference!

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Richard Curtis

Established ShowUsYourBrave

Kassidy Mason

Established ShowUsYourBrave

March 12, 2014 Souderton lip dub